Horses for Sale

We have several horses for sale to good homes.  The important thing is getting the right people for the right horses.  We have several horses that are under saddle, some that are ready to start,  some babies, and a few more.  Several horses are multi-talented, and you can really enjoy a variety of activities with them!

If you do not see a price listed, please call me.  That mean that we need to discuss that horse, and we need to talk about why I have not listed it.  It may not mean that the price is too high, just that there is a reason it is not listed here.  Please feel free to call any times of the day.

Lunar Wind-SOLD!

The Best of Both Worlds!

A four year old, Luna is under saddle, and is awesome!  We are training her in a somewhat interesting fashion, and may train all of our horses this way.  She is doing the traditional dressage training, and is a lovely mover, very light and sensitive, and like driving a jaguar.  She is very responsive to the aids, and is not spooky or silly, but is a good worker.  She is a wonderful, soft, balanced mover.

Luna has also been trained to be a trail horse so that you can take her outside when you are done riding in your dressage mode, and want to play and ride the trails.  How many dressage horses have never been on a trail ride or are settled enough to go on a trail where you have to deal with scary things like water, bridges, and frightening obstacles?  This is where she learned to canter, on both leads, and ride through tires and over logs and other obstacles.  I believe that this has made her a more willing dressage horse, and a horse that you can take anywhere and have fun with.  When everybody else has a horse that is blowing and spooking, and not willing to go forward, she will handle it a lot better.  She can even be ridden in a western saddle!  So, while this is a dressage horse, so far, she could probably be anything!  She could be an eventer, or a hunter.  The cross country part of this would be nothing for her.

Luna will probably finish growing about 15.3+, possibly even 16 hands, but she is not as big as the other Liberty Gold foals we have bred.  The foal before her, from Darn Lucky, is over 17 hands.  She will really get you noticed in the show arena!  If you kept her inside during the day, she would be nearly black!

We are posting a video on Youtube of Luna, possible two, the first one will be when she was only under saddle with Tanya for a couple of weeks.  While she certainly does not looked finished, and she is not cantering in the arena, she is working slowly and smoothly.

New photos will be coming soon!

Reugan FF- Hanoverian Yearling-SOLD!!!

Reugan FF at Oakwood Farms

The Hanoverian Inspection at Oakwood Farms

On October 11, 2010, Windstorm, and her colt, now to be named REUGAN FF went to their inspection, held in Lawrenceburg, IN, located about 350 miles away from Firefly Farm.  This was Reugan's first trailer ride, and the process of getting him into the trailer took about a nano second when we first tried it on Saturday, October 9th.  He had quite a few firsts that week, his first bath, first clipping, his first braiding, and many more experiences, and took them all in stride like he had done them all a million times before!  He was better than his mother about having his legs clipped, and while he was not very happy about having his mane braided, he handled it with as much grace as any little guy could.  There was not enough to braid, it was more twisted and banded.  Shannon Stinchcomb, a loyal and very patient member of the farm, endured dealing with a very tired baby more than anyone should have had to.  Reugan was way too tired to do well at inspection, and did not stride out well, and in fact looked a little short, but the seven hour trailer ride was likely to blame, and not having a chance to get out and stretch his legs at all before going in the ring.  The drive was long, but we took Dragonfly to the summer inspection, and as our "Prima Donna" we took her alone, as she was going to be enough to handle at once, and Reuggie was only a little over a month old at the time.  He was exactly four months old on inspection day on October 11th.

The inspector said that he was very elegant and well put together, with a beautiful, yet masculine head and neck.  He has lovely conformation and movement.  When I measured him, he is not much off 13 hands, and Windstorm is 16.1 hands.  He will be a good sized guy when he is full grown.  When I asked the handler to take Windstorm around, I asked him not to run her too fast, because Reuggie would just canter with her, and so he kept her fairly slow, and as a result, Reuggie did not move out at all.  But, you can get an idea of how he looks.  Against the January and February foals, he looked a little small, but we thought he was a great big guy!  In Michigan, having a January foal, you would have to have it in your basement!