This year we bred two different mares from our regulars- Windstorm had just had Reugan, Dragonfly had been tied up with her performance testing, and Darn Lucky had not gotten in foal this year despite our best efforts.  She is in foal for 2012.  We do not like to breed our mares every year, and so this left us deciding who we would breed, and what our plans would be.

For many years, we had dreampt of breeding Arctic Ice, our Trakehner mare, better known as "Pinky" to a Baroque horse.  We have wanted to do that for many years, but each year had passed her over in favor of the Hanoverian mares.  We went to the Michigan Stallion/Horse Expo to see what Andalusian horses were there, if any, and we had been looking on line at stallions and were thinking that this might be "her" year...

Also, we had Hera Olympia come back to us because her owner was told to give up riding, and she wanted Mosey to come home.  We had given Mosey to her when she had lost her previous horse from us, as one of our best repeat customers.  So when her horse was no longer viable for her, she was to come home.  When she was here, we decided to breed her to Liberty Gold, the wonderful Hanoverian sire from the East Coast.  This was very exciting for our friend, whose decision to "give up" horses was very short-lived.  She was now going to be a grandmother.

Over Memorial Day weekend, the babies were due.  Milagra, Pinky's baby came first.  We went out at 1:30 a.m. and there she was, up and nursing, and beautiful bay filly with a curly coat.  She was born friendly, brave, and inquisitive, and with wonderful, correct legs and great conformation.  She has been that way ever since.  She is already an uphill, good moving filly, and works off her hindquarters naturally.

Hera Olympia is a Trakehner mare as well, by the great stallion Mozart (deceased), and she is a lovely mover with a super temperament.  We were given a chance to breed her to Liberty Gold, and jumped on it.  We bred her to him once, and she caught with that one insemination, and the rest is history.  "Mosey," as she is called, kept us waiting for days, and finally gave birth the next Saturday morning after Memorial Day, and after a somewhat tedious start up, little Norman got going successfully.  He did not nurse for many hours, Mosey did not successfully pass the afterbirth, and she was in a lot of discomfort.  But, eventually, all was good.  Liberty Firestorm FF, as he was going to be named, was a little wildman.  If he wasn't biting, he was striking and kicking.  After a few weeks of attitude readjustment, he has learned not to do that.  We contemplated gelding him at a few days.  Now we aren't worried that we have to do that.  He has stopped his stallion like behaviors and become a little gentleman. 

We called him "Stormin' Norman" because he was a wild man.  It got shortened to Norman.  So, we call him Norman.  He has quieted down because he has learned that the world is not a scary place, and he really has gotten to like people.  He has wonderful movement and a huge overstride.  He loves to challenge little "Milli"- short for Milagra- all over the pasture.