to Firefly Farm.  We breed sporthorses for all disciplines, but most often for dressage.  Our goal is not to breed just one breed, but to breed the horses that individuals will select to be his or her partner for their personal riding journey, be it professional or serious amateur, or even if it is to find a partner to work with them for a lifetime of riding in any discipline.  Over our twenty-five years, we have bred Trakehners, Hanoverians, Oldenburgs, and more.  Today we breed mostly Hanoverians.  In 2011, we had our first Andalusian filly. In 2012, we had two Hanoverian foals, one colt and one filly. 

Leonardo FF Arrives in April, 2012!

This is a picture of Leonardo FF.  Leonardo is the happy result of breeding Elite Mare Dragonfly to Elite Stallion Liberty Gold, sire of Liberty Firestorm, out of Hera Olympia and Lunar Wind, out of Elite Mare Darn Lucky.

Leonardo is going to be a big, big guy, and we are going to geld him so that he will be a wonderful riding horse for somebody, and we are not set up to handle a stallion.  This baby will be for sale, and this is a breeding that we hope to repeat this year!

Leonardo is a wonderful, floating mover, and has a wonderful termperament.  He is smart, and people oriented,  He enjoys being handled, and we were able to clip him for inspection without even tying him!

Escanaba FF Arrives in May, 2012!

After three years of trying, Escanaba FF finally is here, a filly with a big star and two hind socks.  She has awesome presence, and elegant floating movement!  She is breathtaking, and very friendly!  She has been well worth waiting for!  This filly will be wonderful!

Escanaba, or "Diva", as we call her, is the daughter if Escudo II, an exceptionally athletic and intelligent stallion.  While he is a part of the Jumper Breeding program, he is a athletic stallion who can also produce dressage horses, as we have seen at inspections each year.  We expect Diva to be a good sized mare, at least 16.2 or bigger.

Apostrophy Leaves for a New Home!

In addition to a new home, Trophy will have a new job next year being a broodmare!!  Apostrophy will be bred to the KPWN stallion Noteworthy, who stands in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  Noteworthy is currently in the ISR/NA Oldenburg Studbooks.  While she is a Trakehner, Trophy will be bred and inspected and go into the Oldenburg Studbook, and along with Trophy, her new owner, Shannon Stinchcomb will breed one of her Arabian mares to Noteworthy as well.

EM Dragonfly Bred to Liberty Gold in 2013


Dragonfly, whose last foal was a colt by Liberty Gold, Leonardo FF, will be bred to Hilton Farm's Liberty Gold once again in 2013!  We could not be more pleased with Leonardo FF, and would be happy to get another foal half as nice as he is.  We would be very excited to get a filly by that cross, as nice as Liberty Song, Dragonfly's first Liberty Gold foal, a filly. This has proven to be a wonderful cross with the Dragon!

Darn Lucky Bred to Rubignon in 2013

Darn Lucky is to be bred to Rubignon, the black stallion owned by Rainbow Equus Meadows.  He is an Oldenburg stallion who is also approved by the American Hanoverian Society!  We currently have a coming three year old by Rubignon, out of Windstorm, who is really outstanding.  He is ready to begin his training, is currently for sale, and will be spectacular. 

Hera Olympia Bred to Don de Marco in 2013!

Hera Olympia is going to be bred to the new and increasingly popular Oldenburg stallion Don de Marco.  He has been producing attractive and athletic foals, and this will be her first foal since Liberty Firestorn.

Ramsi Comes To Firefly Farm,Breeding to Wild Dance!

Ramsi and trainer/owner Grand Prix Competitor Lynda Weese

Ramsi will be bred to Rainbow Equus Meadow's Wild Dance, a brilliant chestnut dressage stallion who also had jumping ability.  To be tantalized, you can look up his bloodlines on his website, and he will have a slew of wonderful foals this year.  One more wonderful stallion to arrive in California this year!!!!

Windstorm To Stay Under Saddle!!

Poor Windstorm!  Her only hope is that Darn Lucky Doesn't Do her Job!

The lovely Hanoverian mare Windstorm had hoped to get back to breeding and concentrate less about this under saddle business, but her great hopes have been dashed when Darn Lucky, her ace in the hole, went ahead and got in foal on her own.  Lucky has spent two years of futile efforts, but, finally figured out that in foal means a lot less work, for a lot less hassles.  Under the assistance of trainers Marie Milliman and Karin Bielefeld, Deb Reda has decided that she will likely show her this year, as opposed to breeding her back.  Poor Windstorm, work, work, work.

Windstorm and her Rubignon foal, Reugan, now a three year old.

Windstorm and her Rubignon foal, Reugan, now a three year old.