to Firefly Farm.  We breed sporthorses for all disciplines, but most often for dressage.  Our goal is not to breed just one breed, but to breed the horses that individuals will select to be his or her partner for their personal riding journey, be it professional or serious amateur, or even if it is to find a partner to work with them for a lifetime of riding in any discipline.  Over our twenty-five years, we have bred Trakehners, Hanoverians, Oldenburgs, and more.  Today we breed mostly Hanoverians.  In 2011, we had our first Andalusian filly. In 2012, we had two Hanoverian foals, one colt and one filly. 

Leonardo FF is now available for Sale!


Leonardo FF is a 2012 17.2+ hand Bay Hanoverian Gelding, Sensitive yet sensible, he has spectacular movement for the professional rider or serious amateur but the rideability for an average rider with good riding support.  He can, in addition to being shown, be used for trail riding and other fun activities.  While he has not been trained to jump, he will jump over the small obstacles built on our trails on the farm.  In his limited dressage showing, he has been first or second in all of his classes, and was even high score Hanoverian in the schooling shows he was in.  Leo is a very people oriented horse, and loves any and all attention.  He is very easy to work on, and enjoys being brushed, and washed, and is good for the farrier, the vet, for his massages, and chiropractic adjustments, and fell asleep when he was getting his teeth floated.  He does not need to wear shoes.

Leo is the second of our very exceptional Liberty Gold/ EM Dragon Fly crosses.  This cross produces youngsters with incredible temperaments that make them quick learners with an eagerness tp learn, friendly and affectionate, great conformation, very athletic,and good size.  He is relaxed in different situations and places, and after he looks a place over, it is as if he has been there all his life.

Leo is not an aggressive horse in the pasture and in fact is currently located in the old guys lot.  When he was out with the other geldings, he wound up being chased and picked on.  Now he has the old guys and the ponies.  Here where he was born, he was often out with the babies, and liked being in charge of the pesty little guys.

Leo will be able to go as high in schooling as his rider is willing to take him, and he has the calm disposition to help them get there.  He is currently priced at $35,000.00. 


This picture is Leo at his foal inspection in 2012 with mother EM Dragon Fly. He was about 4 months old.

This picture is Leo at his foal inspection in 2012 with mother EM Dragon Fly. He was about 4 months old.

This is Leonardo"s Latest Video, from February 2019

EM Dragon Fly Bred to Liberty Gold in 2018 for a late June 2019 Foal!